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What things you need to learn as a beginner Part Two

This is a continuation on part one of things you need to be learning as a beginner guitar player.

1. Learn how to strum 

Learning how to strum your guitar with different rhythms and different strumming patterns is going to help make your basic guitar playing a lot more interesting and fun.

This is one of the first things I would recommend for beginners is practising using your right hand only and not worry about what’s going on with your left hand on the fretboard. To start create different rhythms and different strumming pattern is going up and down with your hand. 

A lot of beginners will ask me for specific strumming patterns but really the most important thing is for you to get the roof of the song correct once you’ve done that then it doesn’t really matter what the strumming pattern is but it was still sound like the song as long as you’ve got the chords  in the right places.

2. Learning to play with others 

Learning to play with other people might not seem like the very first thing that you need to learn how to do as a beginner. I’ve added this one onto less because I think it’s important to recognise that guitar is a very sociable instrument. And you can actually learn a lot faster if you’re surrounded by other people. Learning guitar and learning music is like another language. So learning how to communicate with your instrument is going to help you learn that language much quicker. 

Just think about when the baby is learning to speak English then it’s it isolated in the room trying to figure out they speak of other people. This is exactly the same when it comes to you learning the guitar.

When you have the opportunity to play with other people you can see what they’re doing you can get ideas from them. It could be new songs that you wanna play could be just seeing how their posture is in recognising that in yourself. 

It can be gaining positive encouragement and support by those other people as well. And knowing that they also sorted as beginners before they got to where they are.

I can really give you a lot more encouragement man just sitting by yourself in a room or even just sitting with one guitar teacher. Just been with one guitar teacher can seem very intimidating and also a lot less fun then when you have classmates to play with. 

3. How to sit with your guitar

Mrs just a quick note because a lot of people don’t know how to sit with their guitars. This means that they get backache and risky can shoulder ache and everything else. In a day and age where we’re already suffering from lots of aches & pains  because we’re on the computer all day long. It’s important that we know how to sit with a guitar so that we can get the best posture possible and be comfortable.

This will mean that we are more likely to play it in the evenings relaxing. Rather than straining over our next and hurting ourselves in the process. Ending the journey of learning guitar early. If you’re not sure how to do this then maybe videos online or get your guitar teacher to help you.

You’ll be surprised by how many even advance guitar player suffer from lots of aches and pains because they don’t know how to sit properly. And then becomes a habit that is very difficult to break so I would recommend you get started straightaway if you are at home and easy way to do this is just to get a strap ans stand up, as you get chance it might also feel a lot more comfortable and give you a break from sitting down as well.

I hope these few things help you get started as a beginner guitarist. It can be easy to get stuck or lost with what you should be learning.

But start with the basics and go from there!

If you can find a guitar teacher he is supportive and nice and has a great track record of teaching beginners and I would recommend having some lessons to help you get a kickstart and learning the guitar so that you can get onto learning more and more of your favourite songs that have a lot more fun with it.

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