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How to help support your child when they’re learning a musical instrument Part 3

Part 3…. What we do consciously that might actually be hindering our child’s progress

The other big thing that parents often think they’re helping their child is by giving their child lots of compliments for their musical play. For example, you’re so talented. That song sound Amazing What a great job. Doing these compliments. 

Praise is a dangerous thing for a child

While seemingly innocent can act hinder a child’s progress on the instrument. Because What happens is that the child is motivated by the compliments and self rather than the work required to get the compliment. 

To change this around, all you have to do is Do observational complements instead. 

Such as “I can see that you’ve been practising Every day” or “I really like the way the piece you played sounded at the end, where It was extremely melodic” 

How to compliment to help your child rather than hold them back

Start complementing on observation about what they’re doing can help them get motivated about putting in more effort into their practising rather than just focusing on the final result.

 You can do these two things, supporting your child and they’re practising and also praising in the correct way that will help your child a lot in learning that musical instrument. 

And these are the two things that often parents think they’re helping their child but actually is hindering their progress. 

So it’s important we get it right. because praise is a dangerous thing, and the words we use can make a huge difference to our children.

There are other things we can be doing to help our child. Hopefully these series of articles will help you understand different things that we think is helping them, but actually isn’t.

Read onto Part 4…. What we do consciously that might actually be hindering our child’s progress. To find out what other things we can be doing to help our children with their musical progress.

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